Other Issues


Kurt understands the importance of creating jobs when you’re out of work – He’s been there.  90% of Missouri’s jobs are in small business. As a small businessman himself, Kurt knows what it takes to get businesses hiring.   As your representative, Kurt will use every weapon in his arsenal to make sure jobs are available so you can take care of your family. Kurt will support legislation that creates jobs and helps Missouri’s economy by making it easier, not more difficult, for business to do business.

Fiscal Responsibility

We cannot continue to spend our children’s money.  Lowering the deficit is not enough.  We need to balance budgets and pay off debt for our children’s, and Missouri’s, future.  Kurt has the budgeting and business experience to do just that.


Education is first and foremost the responsibility of the parent.  Missouri must assist our parents, making sure that quality schools with quality teachers are available to everyone regardless of where they live.  Allowing parents a choice implements accountability, increases competition among public schools, and leads to a better quality education.


Quality health care is expensive, plain and simple.  But when frivolous lawsuits cause skyrocketing malpractice premiums, prices rise even as patient access declines. Missouri must implement reforms that have been highly successful in other states, ensuring all our citizens continued access to high-quality, reasonably priced medicine.


Abundant, affordable energy is crucial to our economy and quality of life.  If the Free Market is left to work, the most efficient form of energy will always win and those savings will be passed on to the consumer.  Government interference in the forms of taxation and regulation and government favoritism in the form of subsidies have stifled innovation and artificially created our energy crisis.  The best way to solve that crisis is to stop playing favorites with special interests and allow healthy competition.

Individual Rights/State Sovereignty

In a constitutionally limited government, state sovereignty is an often overlooked but important issue.  It is time for Missouri to stand up to the federal government, demanding that the 10th amendment be respected.  Even if a state is sovereign, however, the wrong politicians in office can infringe upon the rights of the individual.    Kurt will fight for your rights – making sure not only that the Federal Government respects Missouri, but that Missouri respects YOU.

Second Amendment Rights

The Bill of Rights was written for a reason.  Our Founders were distrustful of government, and wisely chose to give us the Second Amendment.  This gives us the right which defends all others. Kurt will support our constitution and oppose any legislation that attempts to diminish our Second Amendment rights.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are rising while property values are declining.  Our seniors, who have long since paid off their mortgages, are losing their homes due to rising taxes on fixed incomes. Kurt supports limiting property tax increases, capping the amount seniors are required to pay, and forcing the government to do what the rest of us have to – live within its means.

Property Rights

Kurt supports a constitutional amendment curbing government abuse of eminent domain.